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Interview preparation for Business Visa (B1)
Despite having all the documents and meeting all the criteria people often get the refusal. A lot of its depends on the Interview, whether you successfully get the Visa or not. Here are few tips based on the people's experience and facts.
Now don't get nervous with the word Interview. This is not like a job interview, however this is an important process (for visa seeker) so take it easy with confidence and follow few tips.
The first essential step toward a successful interview is the preparation.
The most important thing that you can carry with you is your self-confidence. Applicants who are well prepared and confident in their responses to the visa officer, are almost always successful in getting a US visa.
General Preparation
·                     Get some information/ general knowledge on what is the Visa all about? What is the process etc. ?
·                     Prepare for most commonly asked question.
·                     Be there a little early.
·                     Ask for a interpreter if you are not conversant or confident with English.
Document Preparation :
1.       Fill all the forms/applications neatly and completely.
2.       Know what you have filled in the form. Many times it happens specially in parents case, where children's or sponsor fills the application and applicant him/her self doesn't know what information is provided.
3.       Provide correct and authentic information.
4.       If getting copies for documents make sure the copies are of good quality and readable.
5.       Verify the Names, date of birth etc should match with the information in your passport.
6.       Must Organize your documents in proper logical order:
A well organized and orderly arranged documents can make it easy for you to find the right documents quickly during interview.
Physical Preparation :
Image is often as important as content. What you look like and how you say something are just as important as what you say. So dressed up nicely and keep smiling.
Attitude Preparation :
Provide to the point and concise answers. Do not add any thing which is not relevant or not being asked. ( In most the cases, this is where people do mistake by giving unnecessary and unasked details).
·          Do not argue.
·          Do not ask un necessary questions.
·          Be polite.
What the officer is looking for ?
The primary goal for the interview is to verify all information presented in the application and to make sure that ,you (applicant) is indeed visiting USA for Business purpose and has a valid case, also applicant has enough ties back in your home country and the person will come back after the visit to USA.
Now this information can be obtained in few ways , documents and interview/questions through which the officer tries to determines the eligibility, for the visa grant.
What "ties means?
"Ties" are the aspects of your life that bind you to your place of residence, including family relationships, employment and possessions. In the case of younger applicants who may not have had an opportunity to establish such ties, interviewing officers may look at educational status, grades, the situation of parents, and an applicant's long-range plans and prospects in your home country. As each person's situation is different, there is no set answer as to what constitutes adequate ties.
During the interview :
·          Greet the Interviewer when you see him/her at the beginning.
·          Communicate clearly and in a comprehensive way. Do not hesitate to politely ask
·          to repeat or rephrase the question, if you don't understand the question.
Generally asked questions:
1.       Why do you want to travel to the USA?
2.       What company do you work for?
3.       What do you do?
4.       What is your annual income?
5.       Have u ever visited any other country other than home.
6.       Can I see you Business/visiting card?
7.       Who will look after your business in our absence(if you are a business man).
8.       Do you have a credit card?
9.       How many children do u have ? And where they are? What do they do?
10.    Do you have any relatives in USA?
11.    How long will you be staying in USA?
12.    Will you work there?
13.    Will you come back?
14.    How can you assure me that you will come back?
Finger Printing
Each applicant need to provide a digital finger print for US visa purpose. The finger print will be taken any time before or after the interview. check more details about finger print process.
When you go for interview.
You are not allowed to carry any office bag, briefcase, electronic items, mobile phones, cigarettes, briefcases, etc. into the consulate. Only a plastic bag or a woman's handbag is allowed.
Inside Consulate :
The Following picture picture indicate the main, activities/process inside the consulate. 

Note : This picture is provided for our understanding to get an basic idea of the process. This is a very generic illustration of the high level process, it may vary from consulate to consulate.
Good Luck!
If you get the Visa, start doing preparation to fly , follow this article: After the Visa
If you don't get the Visa , don't feel bad analyze the situation to find out what went wrong, and apply again with better preparation. Understand Visa Refusal and Reapplication procedure.
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