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Traveler’s Checklist
Name of the Traveler:
1.        Valid passport at least for 6 months
2.       Visa valid for the duration of stay and transit visa if applicable
3.       Air ticket and itinerary printouts (Main Ticket and side Trip)
4.       Invitation letters / Work Permit papers
5.       Foreign Exchange (from                  )
6.       CWM CARD / Currency card (from            )
7.       Medical Insurance coverage for the duration of stay.
8.       ECNR check if required
9.       Calling cards (from             )
10.    Emergency contact numbers
11.     Yellow Fever vaccination certificate, if required
12.    Hotel / Car confirmation
 Check-in Baggage Notes:
Class of Travel
USA and Canada
Rest of the world excluding USA and Canada
Adult and Child
Adult and Child
2 Piece of bags weighing up to 50lbs (23kgs) each. Total dimension of both the bags not exceeding 62 inches (157cms)
1 piece of baggage not exceeding 23kgs in and 115cms in total dimension and one collapsible buggy
10kgs plus one collapsible buggy
2 piece of bags, each not exceeding 32kgs and dimension of each bag not exceeding 62 inches (157cms)
As Economy class
As economy class
First class
As above
As Economy class
As Economy class
Note: Only one hand baggage not exceeding 7kgs and with in permitted and prescribed dimensions INCLUDING LAPTOP is permitted as cabin baggage.
*** Dimensions should not be larger than 45 cm (17.7in) X 35 cm (6.2in)
Precautionary Notes:
1.        Passengers have to check-in 1hour before the departure of Domestic flights and 3hrs before an International flight.
2.       Should not carry any liquid items like, Gel, Paste or items of similar consistency past security screening point at airport, Except
Ø       Baby Food for a small child or infant
Ø       Prescription medicines bearing the name that matches that of the passenger’s ticket
Ø       Inhaler accompanied by prescription
Ø       However some airlines allows you to carry liquid items, Gel, Paste or items of similar consistency in small quantity (100ml) required for the duration of journey in one clear transparent plastic bag
3.       Carry a copy of your passport, visas and ticket in the check-in luggage.
4.       Carry all metal and sharp objects like kitchen knife, scissors, shaving razor etc in check-in luggage only.
5.       Please re-confirm your RETURN travel reservations 72hrs prior departure with local airline office.
6.       Please do not carry back any COINS or FOREIGN EXCHANGE which is non tradable in INDIA. (Check with your FOREX vendor / Travel Desk)
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